So, what happens once you have bought your property in Bulgaria ? Well, you will be pleased to know that once you have purchased your property, we are happy to assist . We believe in deep commitment to our clients and we wish to help make your life more eas y . To add real value to our service we offer an online property management and letting service.

This British owned company gives you the flexibility to set your own prices and determine the availability of your property all from the comfort of your home, whilst giving it immediate exposure to the worldwide holiday market.

We offer a selection of property management packages to suit your needs. We hope that one of these will be appropriate; if not, speak to us and we will manufacture one to suit your needs.



1. We act as your official key holder.

2. Initial full inventory check of your property and contents.

3. Monthly property inspection when unoccupied and after stormy weather.

4. We will email you an Owner Report detailing any problems or recommendations, as they arise, regarding your property, complete with photographs where necessary.

5. Check of lighting, plumbing, humidity, pest control, with electrical and boiler checks.

6. Ensure all appliances are in working order.

7. Pay the monthly bills for electricity, water and telephone.

8. Arrange insurance package for your property. (Optional)

9. Arrange a security service with a local security company. (Optional)


Our charges are very competitive:

  1. Studio from 150 Euro per year
  2. 1 Bedroom from 160 Euro per year
  3. 2 Bedroom from 190 Euro per year
  4. 3 Bedroom from 240 Euro per year
  5. Seaside house from 290 Euro per year
  6. Countryside house from 390 Euro per year



You come to visit your property for a holiday, but you really want to spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourself. We at BSV will make it a hassle-free experience for you with your guests.


When arriving:

We will organise your airport pick-up (at your request)

Your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned and aired.

The beds will be made, clean linen and towels will be delivered.

A Welcome Pack will be provided (at your request)

The boiler, fridge and air-conditioning will be switched on; all electrical appliances will be checked.


When leaving:

We will organise your transport to the airport (at your request)

We will collect the laundry (linen and towels)

Your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned.

We will switch off all electrical appliances (unless you advise us otherwise)

We will return the laundry.

Your apartment will be locked and secured after each visit.



Studio – 60 Euros + Laundry – 15 Euros

One Bedroom apartment – 65 Euros + Laundry – 25 Euros

Two Bedroom apartment – 75 Euros + Laundry – 35 Euros



You may arrive late at night, you may be tired and shopping could be awkward. We can offer you a welcome food package, so you can enjoy a pleasant glass of wine when you arrive and a decent breakfast in the morning.


Butter or Margarine

Jam or Honey

Eggs-pack of 6

Ham or bacon -200 g.

Cheese – 200 g.

Mineral water- 1.5l

Milk-1 l

Orange juice – 1 l

Red wine- 1 bottle

Beer – 6 pack





Toilet paper


Washing liquid

Hand soap

Price 40 euros

This pack is variable and the price adjusted accordingly.



Our efficient staff provides a professional cleaning and laundry service. If your property is located within our catchment area we can help you. Listed below are the cleaning and washing services we offer, together with the pricing.

FIRST INITIAL CLEAN AT THE END OF BUILDING, 90 euros for a building of up to 100 square meters. Price to be arranged for larger residences.


Charge per clean

Studio – 35 euros p. w.

1. 1 bed apartment – 40 euros p. w.

2. 2 bed apartment – 50 euros p. w.

3. 3 bed apartment – 60 euros p. w.


PRE-SEASON and END-OF-SEASON CLEAN – add 10 Euros to above charges


For linen and towels:

Studio- for 2 people – 15 Euros

1 Bedroom apartment – for 2 people – 15 Euros……for 3/4 people – 25 Euros

2 Bedroom apartment – for 3/4 people – 25 Euros …...for 5/6 people – 35 Euros

For duvets and other such heavy items, charge is 3 Euros per kg.

For rental and use by friends, please ensure that you have duplicate bed linen and towels, as laundry cannot be done and dried immediately.

For those not taking advantage of these packages separate charges will apply.