South of Bourgas small coastal villages pearch on rocky outcrops between deserted sandy beaches. Sozopol, the small Greek fishing village, is the jewel of the southern Black Sea Riviera. The whole area south of Bourgas is largely undiscovered by Western Europeans but is very popular with Bulgarians and other Eastern Europeans. The small harbour, narrow cobbled streets and old wooden houses make Sozopol one of the truely historic places in Bulgaria.

Slowly change is coming with the new marina and a planned yacht club, hotel and apartment complex. This will transform Sozopol into the Saint Tropez of the Black Sea. Together with the new golf course some 20 km to the south Sozopol will become a magnet for the descerning tourist and an ideal retirement location.



Winters are usually short coming to an end in March when storks, the harbingers of spring, arrive after a winter break in Egypt. The sun is strong with clear skys and warm sunny days and the quiet peace of the village is undisturbed.


Slowly, towards the end of June, the town fills with people and for the short two month season everything comes alive. At the end of August something very special happens. This could be one of natures most dramatic sights, thousands and thousands of storks circling over Tzars bay just south of Chernomoritz. The circle becomes a spiral and on warm thermals the birds slowly ascend many thousands of feet. When they reach the top of the thermal the course is set for the winter and they fly south to Egypt. Summer in Sozopol is finally coming to an end. Then one day in September, just like the storks, the crowds disappear and Sozopol once more goes to sleep.


And when the tourists are gone everything returns to a traditional fishing village life. Autumn days are sunny and warm with the local fishermen landing there catches in little coves and selling it in the streets of the old and new towns. The beaches are deserted and you can quietly stroll through deserted streets or relax with a coffee and a delicious crumbly pastry. The warm autumn sea provides warm evening breezes to keep the climate mild until December.


Out of season the best restaurants stay open and prices generally fall. Sozopol is now just for the locals.

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